The items purchased on  www.lavolperossa.it are sold directly from La Volpe Rossa snc, company under Italian law, legal head office in Via Piave 27, 56024, Ponte a Egola, San Miniato (PISA) , inscribed in the CCIAA in Pisa,   p.IVA 00665470506.

The offer and the purchase of goods on www.lavolperossa.it are regulated by the following Terms& Conditions.

The General Sale Conditions can be periodically updated and those on www.lavolperossa.it , accepted at the check out, are to be considered effective and binding. Hencefore, users should login periodically to the website and visit the General sale Conditions before buying the products.

Please read carefully the terms  and the general sale conditions.

Purchase Methods

For every chosen product a descriptive scheme is shown, with picture and essential feature, with colors, measure and price.

Users are allowed to purchase more items in the same order. La Volpe Rossa snc keeps the right to decline orders with more than n. Pieces of the same item. In case of violation of such rules, i.e. in case of order, from whoever they are from, who can be considered anomalous La Volpe Rossa snc reserves the right to decline the orders.

Pictures and colors of products on www.lavolperossa.it might not be correspondent to the real ones, because of the internet browser or the computer monitor. La Volpe Rossa snc is not to be considered responsible of such inaccuracies due to a particular configuration of the computer.

For further items-related informations please contact our Customer Care at INFO@LAVOLPEROSSA.IT

Items on sale and their prices are those on  www.lavolperossa.it

If the item is not available the size won‘t be displayed.

Items availability is constantly checked and updated. Since the website can be visited by more users at the same time, it might happened that more users purchase the same item at the same time . In that case the item can be displayed as available for a short time, although we ran out of it.

If the item won‘t be available for the said reasons, La Volpe Rossa snc will keep in touch with the user via email immediately.

La Volpe Rossa snc reserves the right to modify and change the pricing in any moment, it being understood that the price for the user will be the one displayed at the moment of the purchase, with no later variations.

Price of products

 The price of every item is displayed in EURO, and the price is to be intended with IVA (VAT).
Delivery costs and eventual custom fees are to excluded for both European and Non-European Countries .

Delivery costs (and eventual custom fees) are indicated before the payment and calculated in relation to the shipping address.


Placing an order on this platform implies the acknowledge of the said terms and conditions.

Orders can be made with a previous registration and/or account creation („free registration“) . Please read carefully our Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions.

It is required that all purchases be made by adult individuals 18 years of age or older. The user is considered to be a natural person, assuming that the purchase is not done to commercial, professional, crafty reasons.

It is forbid to sell or distribute the items bought on www.lavolperossa.it

All orders must be accepted by  La Volpe Rossa snc.

La Volpe Rossa snc will notify via email the eventual impossibility to accept an order.


At the check our the user will immediately receive a confirmation email for the order, with all the info about the item, with details such as the price of the good, the shipment costs and eventual custom fees for Non EU Countries.

La Volpe Rossa snc will send later another email with delivery details.

Payment Methods

La Volpe Rossa snc accepts payment with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro. The items will remain property of La Volpe Rossa snc until the final payment.

In case of online payment with Credit Card, when the order is made, La Volpe Rossa snc won‘t charge the card but will only prove the validation for the card. The card will be charged only when the good is shipped.

In case of payment with PayPal, the user will be readdressed to www.paypal.com and will have to follow the procedure for payment according to PayPal‘s terms and conditions. Data on PayPal will be held by the company and La Volpe Rossa snc won‘t have access to them. La Volpe Rossa snc is therefore not able to get to know the credit card data .

In case of payment via Bank Transfer, our Customer Service will send an email with  bank account details. The payment must occur in max. 4 days from when the email arrives. In case the payment doesn‘t arrive in this time, the contact is to be considered neglected, according to the law art. 1456 cc. In this case the user will receive an email with the order cancellation and the refund of the pricing.

In case of payment via transfer the delivery time must be calculated after the transfer is received. To make the relation between bank transfer and order, the user must indicate a valid reason for bank transfer.


Informations about shipping methods, eventual costs and customs fees are displayed at the check out. The user is charged for delivery costs and eventual custom fees at the payment.


All orders shipped to Italy are delivered with courier DHL. For other countries and other destinations the company is DHL.

We do not deliver PO Boxes or BFPO addresses.

In the following scheme the delivery costs are shown:

In Italy for purchases under 99 euros the shipping cost is a flat rate of 6.00 euros

For purchases over 99.00 euros, shipping is free in Italy

In Europe, for purchases under 600 euros, the shipping cost depends on the country of destination (from 10 to 25 euros)

For purchases over 600.00 shipping is free in Europe.

For purchases outside European territory the shipping cost is always borne by the customer (the cost is calculated based on the country of destination).

Orders will be handed to the courier company DHL from 9 to 17 from Monday to Friday. The shipment company requires a signature „as receipt“ from the user at the delivery.

When the goods are shipped it will be no longer possible to change the delivery address.


The good is sent to the address required by the user and in the following lands:

insert a list of countries

Delivery times

From the moment the order is received the delivery time is the following:

Italy 3 week days

Islands 5 week days

Other  European destinations 3-4 week days

Extra EU 5-7 week days

Deliveries and shipments are guaranteed by DHLand .

Orders will be handed to the courier company DHL from 9 to 17 from Monday to Friday. The shipment company requires a signature „as receipt“ from the user at the delivery. The user can give a valid address where the good can be received, please communicate an eventual change of address !!br0ken!!

When the goods are shipped it will be no longer possible to change the delivery address.

La Volpe Rossa snc will communicate via email with the user the shipping number and the tracking number.

The delivery can also occur with  partial shipping: in this case it will be charged only the price of the shipped items and the shipping costs. In case of partial shipping the user will be informed via email.

Any delivery delays greater than 10 week days must be noticed to our  Customer Service and in any case in 30 week days from the order‘s confirmation email.

Receiving merchandise

To guarantee the security of the shipment, the courier company asks to the user a signature for receipt. If the sign can‘t be made, the goods won‘t be delivered.

At the delivery the parcel looks imperfect the Customer must open it in front of the courier. We strongly suggest to open the parcel and control if the item is correct.

If the order is broken or damaged must be noticed  to our Customer Service in 30 days.


All parcels are insured against theft/ loss and damaging from the shipment to the delivery. In case the parcel looks damaged we suggest the customer to send the parcel back and notify the problem to our Customer Service.

Once the good is delivered the insurance is to be considered expired.


If the customer finds the good not satisfying he can ask for a refund or exchange.

Return and exchange conditions are the following:

Returns procedures

The purchased items can be returned in 10 days from delivery. The goods returned after this time won‘t be accepted by La Volpe Rossa snc.

La Volpe Rossa snc will refund the price of the returned goods only if they come together with the Return Form by La Volpe Rossa snc.

Refunds will be accredited on the same credit card used to purchase the items or the same bank account used for the transfer.

To start the refund procedure send an email to MAIL RESI, to obtain an authorization number (RMA). Wait for the authorization from La Volpe Rossa snc. Print the form and insert it in the parcel.

Attached to the authorization, La Volpe Rossa snc will send you a form with the address for the return.

Unauthorized returns won‘t be accepted.

Items must be wrapped in the original packaging.

Returns won‘t include delivery costs.

When the return form is filled in, the customer can also book a pickup with the shipping company. The parcel must be closed.

La Volpe Rossa snc will send an email once the parcel is received and the refund procedure starts. The refund will occur in 15 days from the date in which La Volpe Rossa snc receives the goods.

For further questions, please contact our Customer Service.


Return is not allowed for worn, used or damaged items. They must have the labels, tags and seals.

Shoes must be worn on a carpet and must be returned with their original box, which is part of the product. Shoes sent without the box, or in a damaged one, can be refused and shipped back to the customer.

Underwear and swimsuits must be tried on underwear and without removing the adhesive seal. If it is removed the return won‘t be accepted.

All the returns not responding to the previous conditions will be declined and no refund will be accredited.

The return must be shipped to


It's possible to exchange the purchased item only with another one with different size or measure in 10 days time from delivery. Exchanges can also be delayed only according to La Volpe Rossa snc.

To make an exchange the customer must send an email with an exchange request. Wait for the authorization released by La Volpe Rossa snc. Unauthorized exchanges will be declined. Please read carefully our Return Procedures.

Returning back the item doesn‘t imply the payment of shipping costs.

Please indicate the new size/ measure required. If you wish to exchange the item with a new product please ask for a refund first and then make a new order.

The new product will be shipped to the Customer via courier with no additional costs.


Defective merchandise means all the goods already damaged or with lacks of conformity. It‘s possible to require an exchange in 10 days from the delivery date, following the same rules mentioned in the Return/Exchange good paragraph.

In these cases La Volpe Rossa snc will substitute the items with another one or will repair it. The new item will be shipped to the customer without further costs.

If it will be impossible to change or repair the goods  La Volpe Rossa snc will refund the customer on the same credit card or bank account used to purchase.

Gifts returns

In case of purchased items and shipped as gifts, the return can be made only by the Customer following the same rules of Return policy. 7


The unsatisfied client can return the goods in 10 days from delivery. The refund will take place in 15 weekdays from when  La Volpe Rossa snc receives the items.


The website www.lavolperossa.it is property of La Volpe Rossa snc.

By visiting and using this website, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of use previously set.

The Terms and Conditions shall refer to the information on the processing of personal data contained in the Site. La Volpe Rossa snc reserves the right, in its discretion, at any time and without notice, to change, add or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions.


La Volpe Rossa snc has adopted adequate measures to protect personal data and informations from misuse.

Bank data are not registered or kept on www.lavolperossa.it, they are stored in a safe database in the Bank used by La Volpe Rossa snc and which appears on the website only to finish the transaction.

Although La Volpe Rossa snc has adopted all the due measures to guarantee the security of its customers, please keep in mind that transmission of data in Internet is never fully secure and that every info can be shared and used from others.

Privacy Policy disciplines the personal data, communicated to La Volpe Rossa snc through the website www.lavolperossa.it

La Volpe Rossa snc can modify the Privacy Policy anytime , please read the Privacy section carefully.

Intellectual property

All the contents of the website www.lavolperossa.it (drawings, pictures, texts, musics, marks, video etc…) belong exclusively to La Volpe Rossa snc.  All the contents may not be modified, copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted, re-posted or transmitted in any form or by any means.  You may print the contents of an individual page of this Website for the purpose of private and personal non-commercial use.


The website  www.lavolperossa.it can contain imperfections and La Volpe Rossa snc can‘t be assure that those will be corrected.

The website  www.lavolperossa.it  are supplied as they are and subject to availability.

By using the website the user  bears all related risks and assumes full responsibility for any non-use, loss of data, and costs due for hardware repair and assistance activities. The user also undertakes not to hold La Volpe Rossa snc responsible in any way for any damage resulting from or caused by the use of the site or related to it.

Applicable to Italian Law, and jurisdiction of  Court.

The present conditions are in Italian and regulated by Italian Law.

In case of controversies the competent Court is Pisa Court.

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